Summer Program: July 1st to 15th

Winter Program: December 21st to January 5th

Police Youth Partnership Program (PYPP) is a biannual initiated by the Royal Bhutan Police in the year 2008 to foster good relations with the school going youths and to bring down youth related crimes and delinquencies through meaningful intervention and educative programs during summer and winter breaks.

Spring Program: April 8th to 23rd

Autumn Program: September 21st to October 5th

Police and Out of School Youth Partnership Program (POSYPP) was initiated in Nov 2011 for youths in transition to make right choices in life, stay away from crimes and become law abiding citizens in partnership with the Royal Bhutan Police.

Program Scheduled: Between November to December
(1 day only)


The Friends of Police (FOP) also known as Police Public Partnership Program was initiated on 1st Sept 2012 by the Royal Bhutan Police to create an understanding on the importance of community policing by citizens for a safe and secure country.

The Symbolic Representation of PYPP, POSYPP and FOP Logo:

The blooming flower represents the growing friendship between the police and public, while handshake depicts the everlasting bond with our partners (Children, Youths and Adult members of the community) with the dedication to serve the TSA-WA-SUM symbolized by the outer yellow and orange rings.